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An open source .NET integration library for blockchain

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Easily integrate Ethereum blockchain into your .NET applications. Learn about our modular libraries for writing smart contracts, cryptographic wallets, decentralized apps, managing blockchain data and the VS plugin.

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Leverage .NET's Ecosystem

.NET is cross-platform, not just for Windows: websites, servers, desktop, mobile (iOS & Android), cloud services, gaming, IoT, and console apps on macOS / Linux. Write once in C#, F# or VB, deploy everywhere.

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Take .NET to the Future

Help improve Nethereum by sharing your blockchain use cases and learn our roadmap. We also offer solutioning across industries and enterprise, including private and public chains and integrated services from ConsenSys.

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.NET Developer Experience

Developers shouldn’t have to change their preferred development environment to work with Ethereum. We’ve built open source tools for you to start leveraging blockchain technology right away.

Keep C# Programming Language

Expanding the Ethereum ecosystem beyond JavaScript. F# and VB are also supported. Write once and deploy across platforms.

Tutorials, Docs, Workbooks, Gitter

Start developing with Nethereum without a deep blockchain background and learn about Ethereum as you go.

Focus on building not complex setup

Nethereum provides a consistent & modular interface to various Ethereum clients and re-usable standard smart contract libraries.

Code generation & Starter templates

Speed your development with code generation from smart contract ABI templates and Visual Studio and .NET Core templates.

Nethereum Overview

Nethereum provides .NET convenience libraries and utilities for interacting with smart contracts and Ethereum clients.

Nethereum Core UML

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Focus on building. Nethereum provides a suite of open source libraries to help you start prototyping Ethereum applications in .NET quickly.

Head over to the Nethereum Github or the Docs for more templates, utilities and a tour of .NET ecosystem examples

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With integration with the top Ethereum clients to blockchain services and clouds, Nethereum helps you build blockchain solutions.


We’re dedicated to an open source .NET ecosystem and have years of experience in Enterprise software development and blockchain.


Juan Blanco

Creator & Lead Architect

20 years of experience in IT and early .NET developer, in blockchain since 2013 and at ConsenSys since 2016. Seasoned enterprise application architect.


Gaël Blanchemain

Developer & Doc Writer

Blockchain developer and documentation specialist at ConsenSys since 2016, with a background in business development and as a monk.


David Whiffin

Senior Developer

.NET full stack developer in IT and Product since 2004 for a UK FTSE 100 software company. Also a guitarist / singer / songwriter / family man.

Nethereum Stats

36 Repositories
22671 NuGet Package Downloads
11863 Youtube Tutorial Views

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Help improve Nethereum by sharing your blockchain use cases. We offer consulting and integrated services from ConsenSys.